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Calicivirus Vaccination
Vaccinating your Bunny is very Important be wary of breeders saying Bunnies come Vaccinated make Sure you see the vaccination Done in Person..............

               when Purchasing a Mini Lop Bunny

It Has been brought to my attention that many people purchasing Mini Lop Bunnies are being over charged for them  . Pet quality Mini Lops should not exceed $90 Any amount over that you should be receiving Pedigree Show Quality Bunny . Also no colour is really that rare it all depends on what you are breeding so be aware this is just a scam to make you pay more .

               Tips When Purchasing Bunnies

When Purchasing Your New Bunny here are some things to help you decide .
* Check Bunny has Clean Bottom free from Runny Stools and Urine
* Check Back Feet for splaying
* Check Teeth are aligned Properly
* Check Bunny has no Bad Odor coming from it .This is a sign of a sick Bunny .
* Ask to see Rabbitry and Parents if Seller won't allow you to Do not purchase from them .
* Check Bunny is not too thin if spine is predominately sticking out could be sick or have coccidiosis
* Check Ears & Nose are clean and clear of any discharge .
* Ask If you get some Food with your bunny as Rabbits Need to be weaned into new food as they have very sensitive digestion systems and you shouldn't just start them on something different.
* Ask seller lots of questions if they are not willing to answer walk away .
We Hope this helps you finding your new pet bunny .